Accelerate Your YouTube Growth

Learn the exact formula I used to grow my YouTube channel to 42,000+ subscribers organically.

+ How to use YouTube ads to promote your music videos.

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Grow Your YouTube Channel
Learn how to make YouTube videos that hold viewers attention and grow your channel.
Music Creator Focused
Unlike other YouTube courses, this one is specifically designed for music creators.
Promote Your Music Videos
Learn how to use YouTube ads to promote your music videos and retarget your audience.

Do you ever look at YouTube channels with tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of views, and wonder how they did it? 
Just a few years ago, that was me too. It was 2017 and I had already uploaded hundreds of YouTube videos, but my channel growth had flatlined and I was getting frustrated. 

Thats when I decided to start uploading videos weekly and really commit to growing my channel. At the time I still had no idea what I was doing and in hindsight I made so many mistakes...
Month by month my videos improved, but the big secret was figuring out my target audience and value proposition.
That chart above shows views over time. You can see a massive increase in growth around 2018, and then another massive
increase in 2020. Why did this happen?

I committed to understanding my target audience and the value my channel provides to them

I learned the importance of thumbnails and titles for video performance

I learned what the YouTube algorithm cares about (watch time), and figured out how to give it exactly what it wants

YouTube is the best video platform in the world, and I want to teach you how I grew my channel so you can do the same for yours. 

Not only that, but this course focuses specifically on how music creators can grow on YouTube. Every other YouTube course i've seen online is for 'everyone'. While you could apply these techniques to any type of channel, music creators are my people and this course was designed with you in mind.

You can use this method to get onto the YouTube parter program and start making money from your YouTube videos. When you do that you can also apply for an Official Artist Channel which will link your music releases to your YouTube channel.

Get Views AND Subscribers
Keep Them Watching

But Wait, There's More!
Often artists will upload a music video they spent hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours on only to get less than 100 views - that sucks!

Music videos are particularly tricky on YouTube because its likely only your existing audience will ever see it organically, and unless you're perfectly integrating your music into your channel they still might not!

Thats where YouTube ads come to the rescue, allowing you to show your videos in search results that your potential fans are searching for, and next to or even in front of videos of specific YouTube channels you want to target.

You can even retarget your existing audience from your organic content to ensure they see your new music video the moment it drops.

Here's what you'll learn in YouTube Growth Machine

How to figure out your target audience, and the value proposition your channel provides.

How the YouTube algorithm works, and how to make videos that leverage it

The exact equipment and software I use to make my videos

How to use your YouTube analytics to constantly improve your 

You'll also learn all of this...

How to show your music videos directly to people who like artists similar to your music

How to put your music videos directly on specific YouTube channels and videos by similar artists

How to optimize your YouTube ads for engagement metrics (like subscribers), not just views

How to retarget fans that have already shown a strong interest in your channel

Whats Inside?

Detailed step-by-step video tutorials

Access to a private community to ask questions

You Will Get:

Module 1: Welcome

Module 2/3/4: Organic YouTube Growth ($200 Value)

Module 5/6: YouTube Video Growth Ads ($197 Value)

Private Community to ask questions ($100 Value)


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