Accelerate Your Spotify Growth using Facebook Ads

Learn how to build a machine that grows your Spotify audience while you sleep, so you can get back to making music. 

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Trigger The
Spotify wants you to send traffic to the platform, and rewards you with algorithmic placements
I'll guide you through each step of the Facebook Ad creation process
Optimize and Scale Your Growth
Whether you have $5/day to spend or $50/day, you'll learn how to get the most out of every dollar

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Many artists rely on playlist placements to promote their music on Spotify, and while you can totally do that, its unreliable and unpredictable. 

Not only that, playlist listeners are NOT fans

Often they'll only hear your song once, never save it to their library, and never follow you. They don't even know your name

I know this first hand, I spent most of 2019 relying on playlist promotion to grow my Spotify, and while it got the numbers climbing they tanked as soon as the playlist dumped my track. 

This method uses Facebook ads to target people most likely to enjoy your music. Most of them listen multiple times, save the song, add it to their own playlist, and follow you on Spotify. 

In addition to all of this you will grow your social media following and get DM's from people saying that they love your track.

Grow Streams AND Followers

Trigger The Algorithm

Here's what you'll learn in Spotify Growth Machine

How to show your song directly to people who have Spotify, and like artists similar to your music

How to drive them over to Spotify and listen to your music

How to analyze your results and reduce your ad cost

The differences between campaigns trying to promote a song, or grow your Spotify following

How to retarget fans that have already shown a strong interest in your music, to reduce your ad cost for future campaigns and strengthen the artist-fan relationship

How to grow a Spotify playlist

How to navigate the IOS14 changes to Facebook Ads

Whats Inside?

Detailed step-by-step video tutorials (see curriculum below)

Access to a private community group to ask questions

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  • Do I need any experience?
    Nope! I assume you know nothing about Facebook ads in this course. The only things you really need are music released on Spotify and the ability to make some very basic videos for the ads.
  • Will this make me famous? Can you promise me X amount of streams?
    No legitimate marketing strategy is guaranteed, if anyone promises you some type of result they're either lying or scamming you. This is a strategy that I personally use to promote my music and i've gotten over 1.5 million streams using it. The results you get depend on how good your music is, how good your ad is, and how well you can target your audience. This course and FB group will put you in a great position but this will require work from you to get good results.

    While I can't promise you will definitively get any specific result, to give you a rough idea in the past a $300 campaign has gotten me anywhere between 15,000 and 150,000 Spotify streams on the song used in the ad.
  • Is this for me?
    Yes! But also, maybe. I'm not a great salesman because I care about artists. Some of my students do great from my YouTube videos alone, some do great from the course alone, others do great from my consultations alone - others use all three of those. Whether this course is for you or not depends on your learning style and your prior experience level.

    If you're brand new to this stuff this course will be much cheaper for you because you'd likely need multiple consultations for me to teach it to you 1-on-1. If you're already familiar with Facebook ads then my YouTube videos might be enough to get you started.

    The smart business move would be to tell everyone that YES this course is definitely your best move, but I take a lot of pride in being genuine with my audience and i'd rather have a course full of happy students that definitely should be there.
  • How much money should I spend in ads?
    Technically $5/day would be enough to run a conversion campaign, but thats cutting it very tight. I'd recommend planning for $10/day over the duration of your campaign, and typically I do campaigns for 1 month. You don't need to run ads all year if you can't afford to, and you can turn ads on and off at any point if something comes up and funding runs low.
  • Is this course up to date?
    Yes! I update / add content as things change. In fact in December 2021 roughly 50% of the course content was re-filmed and uploaded to the course. Once you buy the course you get all updates free of charge.

Every time I tweak my process or there is a major change, I update the course. All updates are given to everyone already in the course free of charge.




Current Interface

Campaign Structure

Facebook Pixel


Hypeddit Overview

Spotify for Artists

iOS 14


Business Manager Setup

Ad Account Warmup

Buying a Domain

Domain Verification

Your First Ad

Campaign Creation

Analyze The Campaign

Preparing for Spotify Growth Campaigns

General Strategy

Conversion Setup for Hypeddit

Conversion Setup for ToneDen

Target Research

Spotify Growth Tracker Template

Spotify Growth Campaign

Campaign Setup

Completing the Campaign

Optimize the Campaign

Country / Placement Spreadsheet

Advanced Techniques

Follower Growth

Playlist Growth

ToneDen Conversions Per Country

Scheduling A Campaign

Fan Funnels

What is A Funnel?

Custom Audiences

Spotify Click Retargeting

Video View Retargeting

Example Ads

Join today and go through all the training and engage in the community - if for any reason you try it out and don't feel satisfied just let me know and i'll refund you.

This page is owned and operated by Genera Studios. Genera Studios is not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook or Spotify. Results shown on this page are real and many people have gotten as good or better results than these, but your results will be dependent on your own personal work ethic, music quality, ad quality and determination.