Accelerate Your Fan Growth

Learn how to own your audience, build a real fanbase and start monetizing your music career.

Your path to 1,000 true fans.

You may have heard that all you need to make a living with your music is 1,000 true fans

This works because if each of those true fans gives you $100 per year, you'll make $100,000 that year. Amazing, right?

People following you on Instagram are not true fans. Neither are the people streaming your music on Spotify. Are they fans? Maybe! But they're very likely not true fans. 

Everyone has a different definition of what a 'true fan' actually is. Here's my definition...

True Fan: Someone that tries to consume as much of the content you put out as possible, goes out of their way to stay connected to you and is willing to purchase something to make that happen. 

You need 3 things to make this happen...


Your own online platform that you control 100%.

Email List

Your direct line of communication.

Online Store

A place for fans to buy your products.

Your website is your own private piece of real estate on the internet that you control. No matter which social media platform is popular or what the algorithm decides to do with your content, fans can always find you at your website.

Your email list is your direct line of communication with your fans. You can reach out them whenever you want and build deeper connections than you ever could on social media. 

Your online store is where you'll create products and offers for your fans to buy. It may also be a sales funnel to drive your fans through a purchase journey, giving them the products they want while making you more money

Own Your Audience

Social media is an amazing place to grow your fanbase. People are already spending time there, and its your job to get their attention. 

The problem is: you don't own that audience.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc. own that audience. You're just renting it from them. 

That's why it's so important that you build your own platform. A place fans can always find you and a way you can always speak to your fans.

Email Is King

Everybody has an email address. While sending DM's might feel 'cooler', email drives drastically more sales than social media communication. 

One of the most valuable assets you can build for your music career is a mailing list. This gives you a direct line to talk to you fans whenever you want.

You can let them know when new music is out, give them some free content or tell them about your new merch bundle.

Here's what you'll learn in Fan Growth Machine

How to build a website for your music on MusicFunnelsSquarespace & Wordpress

How to create an online store on MusicFunnelsSquarespace, Wordpress and Shopify

How to start your mailing list, create automated email sequences and grow your mailing list using MusicFunnelsDrip

How to promote your music and grow your list organically on social media for free

How to use Facebook ads to develop an online following and build retargeting audiences

How to use Facebook ads to grow your email list both from cold traffic and your retargeting audiences

You'll also learn all of this...

How to create an enticing offer and landing pages to convince people to join your mailing list

Which emails and content to deliver inside your mailing list

How to create and sell merch using print-on-demand

What to post on social media and how often

Whats Inside?

Detailed step-by-step video tutorials 

Access to a private community group to ask questions

You Will Get:

Module 1: Welcome

Module 2-5: Website & Store Setup ($300 value)

Module 6-7: Email Setup ($200 Value)

Module 8: Organic Social Media ($97 Value)

Module 9-12: Facebook Ads ($300 Value)

Private Community to ask questions ($100 Value)


Your Price Today: $497

Join today and go through all the training and engage in the community - if for any reason you try it out and don't feel satisfied just let us know and we'll refund you.

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  • Do I need any experience?
    Nope! In this course you'll learn how to build your website, online store and email list from scratch.
  • How long will I have access to this course?
    This is a one-time purchase granting you lifetime access and all future updates to the course!
  • Should I wait until I have a bigger fanbase before taking this course?
    No, but also maybe. If you have zero fanbase on social media or streaming platforms but are planning to utilize Facebook ads you don't need any existing audience to start growing your email list and selling them merch.

    Even if you aren't planning on running ads but have zero fanbase, you have lifetime access to this course.

    If you have an existing audience you may be able to get great results without running any ads.
  • Will this work for my music?
    Yes! This course isn't tailored to any specific genre / style of music. As long as your music is good and you're willing to put the time in, this will work for you.

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